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Skywalk Paragliders

Wer hat noch nie davon geträumt: einfach abheben, dem Alltag entfliehen? Skywalk Paragliders macht diese Träume für viele Piloten wahr!

FLYSURFER Kiteboarding

Since 2001 FLYSURFER Kiteboarding develops innovative & high quality products for the kite sport (water/land/snow) – Kites, boards & services are distributed worldwide.

X-GLOO - Creative Event Equipment

These innovative lightweight tents stand apart through their extremely light weight and simple handling: an X-Gloo inflatable event tent can be setup by one person in just 10 minutes.

Skywalk – Perfect Synergy Since 2001

At skywalk, the fascination for the power of wind meets years of experience in aerodynamics
Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG is composed of three divisions: skywalk, FLYSURFER and X-GLOO. Founded in 2001, the company has meanwhile become a trendsetter in the development of paragliders, surfkites and tent construction.

The founders, passionate paragliding pilots and kiters themselves, have made it their goal to follow new paths optimizing methods of wind-powered locomotion.

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Skywalk is not only committed to creating reliable products and offering extraordinary service: safety and user-friendliness are a top priority when developing new kites. New kite system solutions are the consistent result of successful cooperation with the paragliding branch.

According to current market analysis, FLYSURFER is the most innovative brand on the kite market today. „X-GLOO”, the third and youngest business division of Skywalk, developed out of the successful synergy of paragliding- and kiting-knowledge. Years of experience with aerodynamics and robust, yet still lightweight materials have been assimilated into the X-GLOO products:

X-GLOO develops and markets the modular Event-Tent system, an aerodynamically formed, inflatable lightweight tent with accessories, optimally suited for use as promotional-, event- or innovative tradeshow booth for indoors and outdoors. Prominent market feature: the attractive branding possibilities on Tent Roof, Side Walls and Canopies!! Sewn application, screen- and digital printing fulfill all of the CI-standards of our clients!

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